E-Commerce Application Source Code with PHP Native / Procedural

E-Commerce Application Source Code with PHPNative / Procedural - Good evening. On this good occasion, I will share an e-commerce source code in the form of an online store selling dolls. So, it can be said as an online doll store, complete with its database.

To be able to run this application, you must have Apache and MySQL services on your laptop or PC. You can use software like XAMPP or WAMPP or similar software. For the author, XAMPP is preferred. Then, also prepare a PHP editor such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text.

The steps that need to be taken are as follows:

  1. Open the XAMPP application, run the Apache and MySQL services, make sure they are really running.
  2. If it's running, open the browser and type "localhost/phpmyadmin" to open the MySQL service.
  3. Create a database on the phpMyAdmin page, the database name is according to the name in the connection.php file in the $database section.
  4. If the database has been created, select "Import" file and browse the .sql file in the downloaded source code, then click "Go" or "Run".
  5. After it's finished, move the extracted files to the htdocs folder located in the XAMPP folder. According to your directory when installing XAMPP.
  6. Open a new tab in the browser and type "localhost/(folder-name)" - in this case, it means "localhost/toko-boneka" and press enter.
  7. As a note, this source code still uses PHP 5 with the mysql_connect function, not mysqli_connect. mysql_connect is usually detected in older versions of XAMPP that still use PHP 5. The latest version of XAMPP uses PHP 7, so mysql_connect is deprecated (the service is removed).
  8. If an error appears "call undefined function mysql_connect" ... and so on, it means that your XAMPP version is not suitable.
  9. There are two options to overcome this problem. The first one is by reinstalling XAMPP with an older version that still uses PHP 5 or the second option is to change the PHP function used from mysql_connect to mysqli_connect (for the second option, we have to change almost all of the used PHP functions, but it's very good for those who want to learn diligently).

This application source code also provides a shopping cart and payment confirmation page, so it's quite complete to be called an e-commerce application. For the e-commerce source code with PHP native, you can download it here or here. Thank you - happy coding.

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